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congressional candidate donnie trotter calls it an oversight but the gun in his carry-on bag has him facing a felony charge. we have reaction to the arrest. >> rate now the rest belong way from the constituencies would like to have here in the second congressional district,voters here have a hard time believing it but here is the mug shot to prove it donne
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trotter, an illinois lawmaker since 1998 charged with a class for4 felony. ironically he has also been a vocal advocate of gun control laws. does it concern you? >> yes. >> it will make a lot of people think twice about him. >> today at 7:00 a.m. he tried to board a d.c. bound flights from o'hare with a handgun in his back, the bullets were in a separate pocket, or is it may be linked to work that he does at his south side security company he said he was working late the night before into simply forgot that the gun into six bullets were there. he does have a valid owner id on his card and a
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permit to work as a security guard. a man just announced his bid to replace jesse jackson jr. in the second congressional district. some voters say it's the kind of situation that no matter what would make the questions to politicians judgment others say, stuff happens especially in the always interesting realm of illinois politics. >> he moves in the morning from the police lock up on milwaukee avenue to 26th and california the criminal courts building for
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his bond court appearance. >> and more questions has mayor emmanuel defending his team united maintenance which is about to get a $99 million contract and we uncover the checkered past including one who went to prison in the case where tony was acquitted. in 10 days these janitor's could be out of a job, there is a new company coming in to clean up at o'hare but tonight's a wgn investigation raises serious questions about the owners' ties to a reputed mob associate and a working relationship with an ex- con that goes back more than a decade the firm is united maintenance company and its owner is a prominent chicago businessman richard simon long
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before he ran this cleaning company was a chicago police officer moonlighting as a chauffeur to the so-called king of the janitors ben stein a notorious rush street playboy and a friend to members of the mob jim wagner investigated and he says this about stalin. >> law enforcement had stories about him taking over parties in bars with his friends he ran a maintenance company that had contracts in numerous different companies in chicago. today one of simon's top executive his ex- con, in the '80s osco was convicted of running a donnie insurance firm as part of a scheme to defraud the labor union won by his father. today
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the company issued a statement saying it simon purchased the business in 2009 more than 16 years after foster was hired by the previous owner but they failed to mention that simon worked for in ran the business for over two decades. today the mayor defended his choice. we will have a vigorous enforcement to make sure everybody lives by and appropriately stands by the law. >> but as we first reported this is not the only questionable practice by the company months before simon was awarded the contract state records show that he was a business partner with a man who is named the illinois general attorney links to the son of willy don know. .
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the local union is fighting for its workers' jobs tonight they're calling for an investigation into the o'hare deal. stop >> police in india and are
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hoping for a break after the search for two men who murdered a local realtor when she was giving them a house showing and they sexually assaulted her. hammond police are asking for the public's help tonight looking for two men the victim has already been treated and released from hospital she was able to describe good descriptions of both of the suspects fortunately. detectives were on the scene this afternoon looking for more evidence the house is located on the 600 block of the court in the roberts del neighborhood. police said she was pushed inside after she locked the door and sexually assaulted by the two men the suspects were described as hispanic men, one was in his 40's about 5 ft. 10 wang between 160-180 lbs. into
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the victims said that his mustache is starting to gray. also hispanic, late 20s-early '30's, muscular build a shaved head and tattoos. neighbors say they are just learning now about what happened friday. police are hoping someone will recognize the man and a sketch and they say this sex assault was carefully planned they are trying to find out more about the real intercompany to see who set up the appointment to see that particular residence. unfortunately at this point we are not able to give any good
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information police say that realtors in the area should take extra precautions before meeting with potential clients so far no arrests have been made anyone with information should contact him and police. >> chicago police are warning people are round said gwendolyn brooks college prep academy students are being robbed at gunpoint, three separate incidents took place last week. in each case, students say the three male offenders displayed a handgun, demanded money and other property both sides appeared to be in their late teens with short dreadlocks and they were black face masks as well.
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the mayor wants to change this city's top cop is deliberate superintendent gary mccarthy shifted some commanders continue hotspot areas around the country hoping to address growing- violence. overall crime is down 30% this year but homicides are approaching 500 a staggering number the mayor is frustrated that while one statistic seems to improve the other indicates that problems are worsening. this has to do with getting the best people in the most difficult places. like the city's ninth district neighborhoods like in maryville bridgeport now both have the largest increase in shootings during 2012 residents there need help desperately so
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superintendent gary mccarthy went from tv station to a tv station today and he said he believes it starts with leadership and hopes it will work because overall crime may be down by 30 percent in chicago but homicides are up. he recently ran the department's gang investigation division and recently he got the task of tackling the ninth 27 years of experience he is focusing on 12 ginks' specifically he is going back to the basics in t is excited about it. >> i plan to utilize the context i have made with different federal entities and i have some friends over there in organized crime and i plan to try to tap into anything we can to pass this down and to make a
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safer place homicides have been on the rise all year. the future will be handled it differently from here on out. the police are going to treat to gain funerals as a gang of bandits. we have more officers per capita than any large city in this country more than new york, los angeles philadelphia so it's not how many you have, it's what they do. >> what they will be doing with those hundreds of different officers was not shared with us today. gary mccarthy has placed 19 of the 23 police commanders since he took off one and a half years ago. families are suing an
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arlington heights nursing home because of what they say was found in a patient's ear. they discovered 57 maggots in this 92 year-old era the lawsuit for distress in negligence claims that if she would have been given her eardrops then they would have seen the maggots much sooner. mccann is an alzheimer's patient and she has been moved to another home. coming up, 27 days ago and still no agreements for the fiscal crisis but tonight small signs of progress.
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and house speaker john maynard discuss and the fiscal cliff and president barack obama suppresses his case today for a tax hike to help reduce the deficit. we are not insisting on rates just out of spite or any kind of partisan victory but rather because we need to raise a certain amount of revenue. >> and he made that pitch to several wealthy ceos he wants to raise taxes on the top 2 percent of income earners and he believes this will help raise the government's 16 trillion dollar debt coupled with spending cuts but the republican
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controlled house says the president has not responded to their latest proposal. >> i think we made a good-faith offer to avert the fiscal crisis and that offer included significant spending cuts and reforms and it included additional revenue and frankly it was the balanced approach mr. president has been asking for. erick kanter announced today there will be no adjournment into a credible solution to the fiscal cliff is found. >> house lawmakers proposed a bill today they claim will bring the costs under control and provide a safe retirement, it creates two groups of public employees those hired before 2011 and those hired since then and for those hired before 2011 there receive their cost-of-
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living increases only applied to the first $25,000 of their pension and they will have to contribute more up to 2%. and it is now up to lawmakers to approve a measure that will allow undocumented immigrants in illinois to receive temporary drivers licenses, state senators passed a bill yesterday but there's one immigrants' rights group against the legislation they delivered a governorletter to governor clinton. individuals who don't have social security numbers should be able to get a regular drivers license into not a special kind. they say it might force discrimination upon
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them. and how kate middleton got caught up in a royal prank while being treated at a hospital in london.
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in tonight's medical watch smoking increases pain, patients with severe and chronic back pain who quit smoking also reduced their pain, there was a connection between back pain and disc disease in the cigarette smoking and smoking is also associated with poor outcomes following surgery, when study participants quit smoking they not only felt better but they moved better as well. frenchmen have not been so manley and the last decade and it's a sign that
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all men are changing a steady decline in sperm count and quality was documented by doctors for a study in the journal of human reproduction researchers call it a severe congenital decrease in sperm concentration that signals a global phenomenon, they noted a 32% of sperm count it decline of nearly 2 percent per year they believe may be due to environmental factors number is still current lee reflect a count to be fertile. an antibody that appears to attack and it raised brain function associated with alzheimer's, it worked on forgetful old mines now the question is will the antibody work in humans, could cross the blood brain barrier to target plaque already in the brain they hope to be able to test the entire body on people in clinical trials. perron 400
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healthy people were examined to determine why people develop aspirin resistance, research has found it was the coating which may prevent aspirin from absorbent when used as directed the product provides the meaningful benefits. we are not done with the mild weather yet. when we could see temperatures back in the '50s.
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>> the real cold hits next week we have some big pattern changes on the way and we will talk about that tonight further evidence of our low lake levels all through the midwest. pretty amazing stuff and a
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meteorologist into one of our formformer intern's relayed kathy's pitcher to us. photograph to us. look at the highs today and the change from early in the week when we were up flirting with 70. midway down 30 degrees. and nearly that amount at all aurora and a valparaiso. aurora and valparaiso.
9:32 pm
see the demarcation between the cold air into the warmer air out to the west. tomorrow may be 10 degrees above normal we have an
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interesting weather pattern this thing is the first of two precipitation making systems it's the one that spreads up with clouds and some rain. look snow may come down all the way from the dakotas through minneapolis and green bay did you know that only about 7% of the country has a snow cover on it rate now that is like a quarter of what the average has been for the past 10 years last
9:34 pm
year we had 30 percent of the country covered with snow. on the other hand we were in the 20s this morning across the metro area every time you see this big buckle in the jet stream it sends cold air diving into the midwest and you can develop some real trouble along that contrast zone. the heaviest
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snow would fall just north of us and would come down sunday night and monday the wii open the week next week with some snow. tonight increasing cloudiness into not quite as cold, 31-35. tomorrow night's low won't get below 41. still ahead this situation in syria growing dire as reports surfaced that they
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[ female announcer ] what's a powerful way to cut through everyday greasy messes? [ male announcer ] sponges take your mark. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn has twice the everyday grease cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... ♪ ♪ [ crowd cheering ] clean 2x more greasy dishes. dawn does more. so it's not a chore. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> u.s. intelligence officials
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reporting that syria has loaded nerve gas agents as rebels closed in, their military is awaiting the order for the president to use those weapons on its own citizens, secretary of state clinton today repeated its reprisal if he does rebel forces say they surrounded an air base just 2 1/2 miles outside the capital he has reportedly contacted several south american countries about possible asylums for him and his family. joining us now is our terrorism analyst. what would this mean for u.s. policy in that region? monday said if that happens syria would be held accountable for an attack like this. >> the white house made clear it would be kind of a red line that the syrians dare not cross and i think it would be very hard for the russians to suspend the
9:40 pm
president's regime and i think it is a sign that he is in fact losing this war. well with the u.s. do? i think the only way to prevent it would be some sort of a quarantine or a no-fly zone such as we did over libya and no-fly zone requires you to go in and take up the air defense system and air to air combat capabilities so it would require aggressive military action but i think that this is serious enough to warrant that the president's father leveled the city of hama in 1982 and used cyanide gas even then. any idea of when this can be expected? >> reports are vague and of
9:41 pm
course intelligence reports always are it could mean anything from that they're sending out a warning whether they are about to do it but it certainly is a serious escalation of violence. i think that probably would be the best solution to the problem that opportunity was operantoffered to moammar gadhafi's who exactly would take him i am not sure getting him out of the region may be a solution and of course the huge worry is what comes next revolutions have a bad habit of beating their young.
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>> coming up how australian prankster's got kate middleton is private nurse on the phone. the astro guy had a hard time leaving houston but the baseball guy says again this is the place to be. meet the new man in the cubs' both later in sports. this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. ♪ women's sweaters start at just $9.99.
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two australian morning radio hosts called in to the hospital were pregnant princess kate middleton was staying pretended to the queen elizabeth and her husband prince charles and they actually got through decades private nurse. then there is completely taken and she had a short conversation with the deejays even giving them details of kate's condition. i think this whole thing is pretty deplorable our nurses are caring professional people not trained to cope with journalistic trickery of this sort. >> they are reviewing their
9:46 pm
telephone protocols there has been an apology posted on twitter. gitano >> we do have some clouds coming and we have clouds and that will cover area skies tomorrow and the warmer air that you see flooding in through omaha nebraska where it is 52 and denver where it is 57. we expect the southeast winds to turn southerly and pick up later tonight or tomorrow to push us near 50 degrees during the day tomorrow the system to watch here and we stars saturday morning is so low up in western south dakota and then tracks
9:47 pm
across downstream ill. a and northeast we will see the bright colors lighted up the screen because that is a winnfield developing as the storm deepens so that is quite interesting here is an estimate of rainfall this also looks at a second system later next week. not huge amounts of snow by heavier amounts to the north and of course we are days away from that thing. snow will be the last thing on our minds. sunday
9:48 pm
a cold rain could begin to fall in the area and it could mix with sleet or snow and it looks like a colder week ahead next week so we will keep an eye on that. the first snow of the year is always kind of interesting. starbucks introducing a premium gift card to buy their premium coffee it is called the starbucks metal cart and is actually made of steel and it costs $400 $450 $400 for the gift card and then $50 to cover the cost it cost to make the card. what it costs
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to make the card. if you have a craving the country club hills location is open until midnight the bears get back to work in lake forest how they plan to pick up the slack with brian urlaquer.
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this is how to gift. this is sears. how do you get over the ur laquerurlaquer flow? ryan or lacquer will miss three games with apparently three torn hamstrings. lovey smith took the bears inside within metronome and the vikings brian will be
9:53 pm
sorely sorely missed. we are going to miss him. we are missing a great player you just have to look to plan b nick is going to be a great guy we are not really worried about that. we are sticking to what we came to. >> the bulls got a huge lead early and they held on all the way along. the high point for the bowls marko replacing
9:54 pm
hamilton on the fast break. he follows with a career high 23 and the bulls when it easy 95- 85. in joining the western athletic conference he completely resisted at halftime because they came back strong to figure out if you leave. this one dropped completely from all the way back 74-64. the cubs into wgn today introduced a new car with chicago media and judging from the news conference today should be a big hit. they have a great sense of humor tossing out anecdotes about baseball but he also understands presenting an honest
9:55 pm
announcement of the game. he said sometimes silence is golden. if you have nothing to say, don't say anything there were some times when i first started we felt the need to fill air time so you just end up spewing a lot of times it would be nonsense. as a fan of sports when i watch, i don't need to be beat over the head constantly, i don't mind a little quiet sometimes backing off a little bit is the right thing to do. >> jeff capt. share will likely take over third base he played for tampa last year 8288 lifetime third hitter. the white sox still open tonight with more moves. we are not at the point
9:56 pm
where we feel we are done we are still in talks with a number of different to free agency and they hope to have additional moves in the late word tonight that the cubs have signed former giants more being said with nhl owners and players and in college football barry alvarez he left the badges records today he quickly wrapped his old conference. >> my first year as a head coach had the good fortune of having a very good football team we lost one game that year to michigan it was on a very bad officiating call i can say that now i was on that week. a long story. thank
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you that is the news for this wednesday night. atstppmwñyzhñs?úxu@w÷[@?2g@
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wj?5wíeíntj@itñh;óokñí>n =
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